Thursday, March 24, 2011

First time for Everything!

The "Arb Shelf" in the pantry!

 First of all I'm excited to share this journey with you. I will be candid and real and you are going to know all the things I love to hide and every struggle I have as well. Lets just get the sticky, uncomfortable stuff out of the way first. I am going to be weighing and measuring myself once a week. Of course I will want to post pictures to see the results as well. The Arbonne Detox diet takes its course in 28 days and helps you rid the toxins that are stored in your fat. So here's to a healthier lifestyle!!

Starting weight: 133
 Starting a "diet" is always HARD... we had everything we needed except for healthy foods in the house (we just got back from spring break), so I decided to start the diet without the healthy foods in the house and just make it to the store for dinner. As I jump out of the shower (already running late) I run to the kitchen to boil water for the detox tea (the first thing you need to have to start your day off right). If any of you know me personally, you know I simply DON'T drink tea and I also don't like hot drinks... so I assumed this would be the hardest part of this diet all together. So glad I was wrong! I threw in a citrus fizzy tab to help with the energy I was lacking and loved starting my day with the tea. I felt like my mom and sister who can't start their day right without their Cafe Vienna. Then as I am running late, I mix up my protein shake (and accidentally forget to put in the fiber booster -oops!). 

TIP: Buy the protein shaker cup! That stainless steel ball in the cup really breaks up the chunks - I don't have mine yet and I regreted it this morning.

Once I got to school I ran to the PE teacher's room to check my weight (133.2 so discouraging, but all the motivation I need to start kicking my terrible diet to the curb!). I didn't even get to finish my protein shake before lunch because of my busy teaching schedule in the mornings! I'm sure I will get it all worked out.
Lunch was a challenge- because I was pretty hungry and on this detox you can decide to do  either a protein shake or a lean whole foods meal. Well, the cafeteria was serving pretzels and ceasar salads so I went straight to the salad bar and made a plate of leafy greens and a touch of vinegerette. I also had a fizzy tab in my water with lunch. At this point I'm thinking, I can handle this! I love fruits and veggies. The protein shakes taste great! The tea isn't bad at all and the chews really curb my appetite.
Measurements to come!

Then 3 o'clock rolls around and I just don't think I've had enough on my stomach. I knew I should of had a lean protein with lunch but I didn't have that option and so I had another caramel fit chew and that really helped. So far, so good. 
School ends dramatically (I guess there were grass fires nearby so we let out early) and I head for home where I realize my husband has not exactly gotten any decent foods for dinner. I run to the store to grab some lean protein and veggies to make a quick stir-fry before he runs out the door for work. And what a blessing protein was! I was so hungry and I love fruits and veggies so this part of the diet (no carbs or starchy veggies) was easy and delicious! Also the recipes I was given helps guide me through what is okay to eat.

Finally the day is almost over and I'm heating up my cup of yummy detox tea. I feel like tomorrow is going to be much easier now that I know what to expect! I plan on blending strawberries and my protein shake together for a delicious breakfast shake!

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