Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Six

So I "punished" myself today. 
I had a strawberry and vanilla protein shake this morning AND at lunch, instead of eating a normal lunch with proteins and veggies. I was sooo sure that when 3 o'clock rolled around I would be starving because I hadn't loaded up on the "real" food and I wasn't!! That was the best part! I had a fit chew in the morning and a fit chew after lunch and then came home and made another "Detox Chipotle" bowl with the fixin's. I added an avocado mashed up with a few tomato chunks in it to add some flavor and it really made it yummy. I also made (for the first time EVER) sweet potato fries! And you would be seeing a picture of those if they hadn't turned out completely BLACK! HAHAHAHA. I think I just need to turn down the heat next time! But they were still pretty good! So we got a few more sweet potatoes tonight and plan on trying that out again. It was like a guilty pleasure having those and knowing that I wouldn't be damaging what I was trying to do. Ok technically can I get on the scale tomorrow since it will be day 7?! My husband rejected that - nope weigh yourself on the same day... ok fine. RESULTS TO COME... aaaaaaahhhhhh!

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