Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, that last night's tea wasn't quite what I was expecting - the citrus fizzy tab actually makes it taste like an "arnold-palmer" so when I drank it without the fizzy tab, I found it to be a little watered down. But really, other than that, I'm finding this "diet" to be fairly low-maintenance. It's all about planning and I'm getting much better at that!
This morning when I woke up I made my detox tea first thing so I could drink it as I got ready (which is what you are supposed to do) instead of as I ran out the door with my protein shake in hand, teacher bag and a multitude of other items! I was also so thankful for the blender this morning:) I bought a giant batch of large strawberries last night and cut them up this morning and popped them into my blender mixed chocolate protein shake (and I remembered the fiber booster too). YUM.
Lunch was a where I found my first temptation of the diet... I went out with teacher friends to a local resturant and of course the wonderful smell that hits me as I walk in is PIZZA. Lucky for me this place had the perfect salad with chunks of chicken, apple, and bits of dried berries in it tossed in a vinegerette. Of course they sold Pepsi, my biggest addiction in the world, and my mouth literally watered when I saw the fountain machine, but I just got water and ignored the desire to CHEAT!
I'm finding that I do need to drink more water as the day goes on because I'm forgetting about it almost completely. Just because I'm drinking my meals doesn't mean I should dehydrate myself! My energy level is staying sustained and my emotions aren't all out of whack because I'm limiting myself on what I can have.
On Wednesday night I cooked all the chicken I bought from the store and split it up for my husband and I in the right portion sizes so we could grab and go. I also made the most amazing protein bars on the planet! And I know my far share, because my husband and I tried a protein diet in the fall that was semi-successful but not at all like this. These are actually the only two diets I've ever tried in my life.
ANYWAY Thursday dinner was super easy thanks to all the planning I did the night before - good thing because I was wiped out from the day with the kids. I re-heated the chicken and grabbed the bag of chopped strawberries from the morning and a protein bar and ate away. I may get tired of salad on this diet, but I was talking to an Arbonne Regional Vice President and she told me of some excellent recipes that I can't wait to try!
After two days on this diet, I'm loving it and am really excited to see progress. I have to stay away from the scale so I'm not tempted to check every day! Keep checking back!

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