Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 7 And NEW challenges!

Day 7 -First of all I can easily keep doing this for another 21! No longer do I feel fatigue ALL DAY LONG. I am not starving in between meals OR craving that afternoon pepsi that would get me through the rest of the day. My stress is calmed with a detox tea in the morning and in the evening with a splash of citrus flavor because I simply don't like tea. The fizzy tabs create the best energy for you and there is never a let down! If I'm ever hungry I grab one of my awesome home-made protein bars or a fit chew and I'm golden! I find that I'm a much more calm and happy person because I'm not feeding myself toxic foods, but instead I'm replacing it with pure, safe, and beneficial products. I feel like a million bucks! And I can't deny that I'm starting to look the part too :)
This question if just for the ladies - how many of you can say that on the first day of your cycle you have had more energy than you normally do in your regular week?! Because this girl can!! I know T.M.I. But seriously? Who wouldn't be excited about that?

Some of my readers have wondered how I can offer such an amazing deal on these products- well as of mid-February I became an Arbonne Independent Consultant and I'm loving it. And if you want more information on that or the business let me know because this business already is changing me in a huge way!

Anyway - on to day 7!
Awesome day 7. I woke up feeling like I needed 12 more hours of sleep... thank you mother nature... and had to chug my detox tea with the fizzy energy tab in it to have enough hands free to run out the door with all my junk! And the results were well worth the chug! I immediately (in my short 10 minute commute to work) felt a difference. I was on the phone in an upbeat mood and praying with more emotion than I have had in a long time to my awesome God. Did the energy wear off in an hour? Oh no. Lunch rolls around and I'm still on this awesome energy! I felt bad for my coworkers who were already ready to go home for the day when I still have plenty of energy. I was lucky today because the cafeteria was serving fresh strawberries (how'd they know?!) and fresh carrots and broccoli. I felt stuffed with my protein shake. 
Dinner was the usual medley of green veggies, some better sweet potato fries, and chicken and brown rice. I don't know what other detoxes are like, but you would be crazy not to try this if you are at all interested!

The kitchen AFTER our dinners lately.

By the way- check back early tomorrow to see my weigh in results! And I'll be posting my husbands on here as well!

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