Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Three

I'm telling you now- YOU CAN DO THIS! Even if you don't like veggies or if you are breast feeding or if you are a busy person like the rest of the world, or if you are already a skinny person. Every person I know needs to detox their diet at some point and NOW is the time! If you want to find out how you can do this same program and rid your body of all the toxins that are in it, PLEASE contact me!

Well, I shot myself in the foot today that's for sure! I teach art and on Fridays I teach Art Club with a smaller group of kids. I promised them donuts on Monday and so I had to sit in my car on Friday morning with donuts- wow that was ROUGH! On top of that I watched as they devoured one of my favorite guilty pleasures. However, I was drinking my delicious protein shake with strawberries in it so my pleasure for a better, healthier body won out!
Each day has started differently and today has been the hardest on me emotional and physically. I was DONE by the end of the day, but I found that my energy was still there, my brain had just been turned to mush. 
I brought my lunch to school today and had a yummy salad with peppers, onions, chicken and a green apple. You can have only berries and green apples because every other fruit is too high on the glycemic index.
 I was really excited to go shopping for dinner and I purchased an avocado, more chicken, another giant batch of strawberries, gluten free, brown rice pasta and some salsa. I made the most amazing dinner. Ever been to Chipotle? One of my favorites (they actually serve organic food which is awesome). They have this burrito bowl that starts with rice, then beans, then meat, then salsa, relish and salad or guac. I LOVE this dish, so I made the Arbonne Detox version of it last night and it was phenomenal! I cooked my chicken in EVOO and used some Agave Nectar to marinate the chicken. Then I warmed up black beans and brown rice. I took pictures of each step so you could see the wonderfulness in all its glory!! And because I devoured the entire dish happily!:) I accidentally forgot to make my tea before I went to bed, but I think I will survive.

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