Monday, March 28, 2011

Fifth Day

Ok- Sunday is the weekend right? And everyone cheats on Sundays or Saturdays or Fridays, right? Well, I am a little angry with myself for cheating last night at Ted's the mexican resturant here in town. I did REALLY good up until the point where they bring the chips and salsa and queso! I really only had a few chips, but I felt SO BAD for it! I ate fajitas because that was the only thing we could think of that wasn't covered in cheese or surrounded with something like a tortilla. That I didn't feel bad about at all - chicken and veggies and a little bit of guacamole. I just had to DRAIN the grease (gross) from the food before I would eat it. I drank like 5 glasses of water too so go me for making up for all the water I haven't been drinking.
On day 5 I tried a new protein shake for breakfast (vanilla mmm) with strawberries and it was amazing! I think I will stick to that for a while because it blew the chocolate out of the water! Then we had a birthday lunch for my husband's grandparents and that was when the temptations came flying at me. First it was the fact that it smelled amazing, then it was the vegetarian lasagna, then veal parmesan with noodles and of course there was CAKE! So, what did I do? Eat the chicken that wasn't covered in frying bits, loaded my plate with vegetables and a really nice salad and ate all the strawberries I wanted for dessert. So all in all, I enjoyed the food, I just made healthier choices and I'm finding that I can do that just about anywhere I go. 
Well, on top of all the temptations that yesterday brought, I found that I was more hungry than normal. It must have been because I wasn't totally preoccupied with children all day. I popped in a few chews and actually snacked throughout the day. Day 5 might have been a challenge, but I overcame and I don't feel like I got angry because I couldn't have the foods that I wanted. I just kept thinking, well in 23 days I can eat some of those things if I want again. I have this STRANGE feeling that I won't be going back to food like that any time soon. Weight results will be up on the website on Wednesday morning early so be looking for those!! My husband is letting me post his weight loss for everyone to see too because he is looking GOOOOOOOD! ;)


  1. GO JAIME! Seriously, I think that's so good that you didn't eat the entire basket and thing of queso(I'm sure I would have! We don't have that out here)

  2. Awesome! Keep up the good work. Are strawberries the only berries you are eating?

  3. Currently I'm only eating strawberries but we just got some blueberries and if the raspberries at the store weren't moldy and gross we would have bought those too!