Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A way of LIFE

An array of items we purchased from the store this evening
I wanted to share some amazing things that are happening at the "detox" household! First of all, I have 6 new people that are very close to me that are starting the detox this week or they started it on Monday! GOOOOOD LUCK! You will do awesome and check back here for information throughout the process. I will tell you now that the detox is different for everyone but YOU will see results and that won't change from person to person at all.

So things change as you are doing the detox. You watch what others are putting in their mouths and you think, man I would feel so yucky after eating that! Or man, I'm so glad I'm eating all natural foods because my body feels amazing... SO in turn you start to change your eating choices all together. What is really cool is what we used to get from the grocery store were a lot of these same things, they are just more purposeful and healthy for my body. For example- 1% milk, chips (kettle cooked of course haha), pepsi, regular pasta, high sugar fruits and always a few extra processed foods were on the list BEFORE the detox. NOW, this is what we get: brown rice chips (so delish!), brown rice, brown rice gluten free pasta, sweet potatoes mmm, a large array of canned beans and avocados because they are so amazing but also because they are such an awesome healthy fat! I haven't really eaten any nuts but you can eat nuts, just not peanuts. One of my favorite snacks is our homemade protein bar! 
Oh yeah- totally healthy! Totally YUMMY!
Another amazing part of the "diet" is that you have these protein shakes that are out of this world! The first day it was hard for me to even drink the whole thing because it was soo much, now they are gone in less than 10 minutes (haha)! You get to have chocolate or vanilla and you can add all kinds of berries to make it taste so good. 
Our amazing new blender! And a strawberry vanilla protein shake!
This diet has been the easiest thing for me! First of all, the person that sold it to me is a text message away so when I question foods I just text her and she knows all the answers or finds them for me! No fail. Then, I feel so proud of myself when I can easily find choices on a menu that are totally healthy and that I won't feel guilty for eating. There are days when I want to emotionally eat - there have been 2 that I can remember and all I want is a pepsi and a peanut butter cup but I've pushed through! 

My most favorite moment so far was the other day I was dressing for a bridal shower (ok I just realized I have 2!) and I went to put a belt on that I usually wear really high on my waist (because that's where it fits and looks cute;) ) AND when I put it on it doesn't fit.... it fits where it is actually supposed to go, around my belt loops!!!!! WOW. And my second favorite moment- I went back to my old job to drop off one of the detoxes that I sold and I kid you not- practically every person that saw me said you look so good! I'm just doing my self-confidence a favor (not sure it needed it!), but I genuinely feel good, and when you feel good, why would you ever do something to your body that makes it not feel good?

So I guess I'm doing my job?

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