Wednesday, April 20, 2011

28 days later

I made it!
And the journey was worth it!
My beginning weight was 133.8 and my ending weight was 127.0! My husband lost 15 pounds and even quit 4 days early (lame). He was eating ice cream and hamburgers and fries in front of me and I wanted to punch him so hard!! I lost six pounds and really regret not measuring myself at the beginning because I know for a fact that I have lost inches and many! Most of my dress pants have become annoying to wear because I'm pulling them up all day long. I'm wearing size small again with room to grow! And the best part of it all- everyone tells me how great I look! It's such a boost of confidence and it makes you want to keep on the program. 
So what happens now? 
So many people have asked me what I plan on doing after 28 days of strict dieting. Well, I'm not going to lie... I will give into some of my cravings, just in huge moderation. Today was my first day off the detox technically, but I kept my morning and lunch routine the exact same. I'm actually going to have brown rice pasta and pasta sauce for dinner. But I plan on eating popcorn tonight too as I watch my nightly line up. Oh how I've missed popcorn! I plan to keep the breakfast and lunch the exact same so I can keep the weight off, but so I know that I'm treating myself right for MOST of the day. I plan on giving into little temptations throughout the day instead of feeling like I'm going to explode if I don't eat a resees (sp?) this second! I just know that I have done so many good things for my body and I feel so good when I do them that I won't be changing my habits drastically unless I want to see disgusting and drastic habits form (again).
I was amazed at how quickly the detox goes. You just start getting used to the diet and then it's over! I plan on doing it again in the summer to keep up the pace, unless I find that supplementing my two meals is enough. Now, I'm going to add in exercise, like walking, eliptical, light jogging... that kind of stuff. I can't wait to see what happens to my body now that I'm adding in exercise! Anyway- I don't have pictures to upload but I will soon!
 Thanks for all the encouragement and if you want to get summer ready- THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!! You could start now and be ready for Memorial Day weekend lake fun!! Think about it! Also, if you purchase the 30 day feeling fit kit from Arbonne, before the end of April, you can get your name put in a drawing for $500 worth of Arbonne products and that includes the most amazing RE9 skin care line!
Come back this weekend to see what other products I used while I was on the detox that made my skin look and feel healthy!

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  1. YAY! I'm so excited for you! I think its so great that you've done so well and will continue making healthy decisions! :)